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September 07, 2020 | 0 Minute Read


he Augmented Reality Wildfire Assistant (ARWA) is a project that started because of the NXP HoverGames Competition. The objective is to help firefighters while they are trying to stop a wildfire providing a tool for them to evaluate and identify more quickly the situation for example know where are the houses or if there is any person inside of the fire that needs to be rescued. With the information provided by this tool the firefighters could make a better plan to contain and stop the fire and also continuously evaluate the situation and if the plan is working properly.


ARWA is based on a drone and it has an RGB camera that points to the ground and using YOLO detects cars, houses, people and animals and put them in a dashboard,, also there is a thermal camera mounted on the drone to measure the temperature of the fire and using this information start to predict where the fire could go.